Warmer - WT Deluxe for Oshibori towels
Warmer - WT Deluxe for Oshibori towels inside view

Warmer - WT Deluxe

$ 389.99

WT Deluxe Warmer

Our Waterless hot towel warmers are compact and super energy-efficient, perfect for multiple uses at home or at work! This is a perfect warmer for your oshibori towels and can hold up to 60 of the 10x10 size towels.

We selected these warmers for their quality, workmanship and ease of use. The Deluxe Warmer requires no maintenance and has no moving parts.

Product Details:

    • model: WT-7S Best Buy!
    • colors: white
    • rated power: AC 110-120V, 50/60Hz
    • power: 130W
    • temp control: Bimetal thermostat
    • inside temp: 70-80 deg. C (158-176 deg. F)
    • safety device: Thermal fuse
    • outside dimensions: 13.78" X 10.83" X 9.84" (height)
    • inside dimensions: 10.62" X 7.48" X 5.51" (height)
    • towel capacity: 7.5 liters - 60 10" x 10" rolled towels
    • accessories: Basket x 1, drain tray x 1
    • This incredible warmer will hold about 60 10"x10" rolled towels.