synthetic towels

Synthetic Towels

$ 199.99

Synthetic Towels

We have found a synthetic towel which does not tear easily, maintains its moisture, and will not dry out your skin.

Our high-quality Synthetic Towels are made through a spun-lace process. These towels are durable and have a soft-like cotton feel, yet are completely disposable and reasonably priced.

Moistened with distilled water, the towels are hypoallergenic and individually wrapped to provide the utmost in sanitary protection.  The towels will maintain their heat much better than unwrapped towels.

Our Synthetic Towels are perfect for use in Dentists offices, Pre-schools, Restaurants, Salons, Medical Offices, Board Rooms, Spas, private jets or airlines, special occasions like wedding celebrations, outdoor events and travel or family outings.